ata leadership patch

Before Attending Class:

Have a clean and pressed uniform. Take pride in your appearance as a Martial Artist.
Make sure all required sparring gear, weapons, and practice boards are in your gear bag.
Have your name on all your sparring gear, weapons, and practice boards.
Where’s your belt???
Arrive to the Dojahng before class line up.

When Waiting for Class:

Due to our rented space within the World Fitness Gym it is requested that all Tiny Tiger and Junior students remain within the Dojahng unless accompanied by an adult.
Please put your gear bag and shoes neatly away.
No shoes on the mats.
Be respectful of the class in session and speak softly with your peers.
Prepare for your class by stretching.
Making sure you have your attendance card.
No free sparring is allowed.
Please do not work with your weapons.
Stand at attention when classes bow in / out.
Show support for the students working out on the mats.
When entering or leaving the Dojahng always bow at the threshold of the doorway.
Out of respect, all students are expected to bow and say hello to the highest rank in the Dojahng.

On the Mats:

Please line up quickly and quietly according to the ranking student or instructor on the floor.
All students are expected to answer clearly when called by a senior rank with a “Yes, Sir / Ma’am!”
Be respectful of all ranks, both senior and junior, to yourself.
When adjusting your Dobok and belt turn your back to the flags and to the instructor out of respect.
It is tradition to bow to the flags before stepping on to or off of the mats.
When you recognize a new student, be a leader and introduce yourself. We all had a first day, make them feel at home!

Personal Appearance:
It is important that we present ourselves as serious Martial Artists, in doing so we need to take pride in our appearance, not only for ourselves, but for those around us. We are our school’s face. Please be mindful of the following criteria:

Make sure all finger and toe nails are trimmed.
Uniforms should be clean and neatly pressed.
Your body should be clean.
Hair should be clean and neat.
Long hair should be neatly tied out of the face.


These are the basics of proper etiquette in the American Taekwondo Association, these are NOT the only rules of etiquette one must follow.  Always confer with your instructor about etiquette and proper respect whenever you are in doubt.